Here’s a short overview of the topics that we will be Teach you in specially Designed digital marketing course:

● How to create a wonderful and money-making Blog.
● Selection the Right Domain Name which suits to your blog.
● How to Create the Best Content for Your Site.
● How to Select Perfect Images for Your Blog /Website.
● Google Analytics to Setup and access Traffic Stats on the website.
● How to Set-up Your Blog Posts to Get Them Read.
● How to use Social Media platforms to make more results.
● Social Media Sharing to Get More Social Shares.
● Guidance for Association & Making Connections
● Managing Call-to-Actions to Convert Audience.
Make Your First Dollar Blogging with Google Adsense.
● Affiliate Marketing to Make Money from Internet Marketing & Blogging.
● How to Create Products That put up for sale…..
● And much more…

You get this Specially Designed digital marketing Course and one year Support TOO

Each day, you will learn a variety of aspects in digital marketing. Our aim is to help you bring up to speed with the latest environment and trends. Join us and improve you foundation skills.
Each class will run for 3-4 hours followed by also Q&A session.


1st day

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • How to set a blog?
  • WordPress setting
  • How to write post a pages
  • Usage of best plugins
  • Content idea
  • Webmaster tools

2nd day

  • SEO
  1. On-page
  2. Off-page
  • Local Business Marketing
  • Basic of Google Analytics

Submission of your business to Google map and Site

If once you complete our Specially Designed digital marketing Course then you’ll be able to:

  • Create, promote and gainful blog from “imaginary” to “fully-executed.”
  • Make the type of content that Google wants to rank and make users will love to read.
  • Rank Your Website on Local Business
  • Start a step toward dream job and professional growth based on the results you have generated.
  • Work as a Freelancer and  Earn your Desired Amount.

Create an uninterrupted strategy that plant for improving search rankings, traffic, conversions and ultimately revenue.

By the end of this course, you would definitely aware and learn a big % of digital marketing.


When you join the Specially Designed digital marketing Course, You Get:

  • 2 Days of face to face lessons walking you through each and every step of creating a successful and profitable blog. WORTH Rs.10,000
  • One year online support. WORTH Rs. 3,000
  • Access to Exclusive Social Media Groups where I’ll be mentoring and answering you with other experts. WORTH Rs. 2,000
  • WordPress premium themes worth Rs. 5000
  • Placement opportunities for interested candidates. *

The TOTAL VALUE = Rs. 20,000!!

But, you will not be paying that much.

If you signup TODAY,

you will pay 20,000 INR   Its About Free….. Yes  at very Nominal Charges for Maintenance only …

just Rs.  1,000 (One Thousand) Beleive It

for the entire course and the bonuses also.